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Time to Tell the Truth Ministries doesn't offer medical advice or treatment, but I, founder Monroe Ammon Trotter, want you to learn from my FREE service and become your own wellness coach.


If you or your loved one will look to the Lord in faith and allow me to coach you through your situation, I know a reward will follow. I have faced down cancer 7 times and want to share my understandings with you!

FREE Service Can Help You Understand Healing

Is your cancer treatment working?

Common cancer treatments used in America today led me to ask, as a Bible-believing Christian, whether the Lord wanted cutting, burning, and poisoning to be His chosen method for ridding me of cancer.


His answer became my "Road-Map to Wellness," which I will personalize for FREE to anyone suffering from cancer, as well as any other major disease.

What I learned about cancer

  • Cancer desires a sweet, airless, and acid environment

  • Resolving the sweet issue, fully oxygenating the body, and creating an alkaline environment in the body will enable your immune system to target cancer

  • Skin brushing and bouncing on a mini-trampoline moves lymph fluids and empowers your immune system

  • Fever therapy (hydrotherapy) and sunlight therapy, coupled with selected immune-boosting herbs, can supercharge your body and destroy cancer cells

  • Some foods heal and some foods kill, which is must-know information

Increase your understanding and your health

People perish because they don't understand dreaded diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and more. My goal is to help equip you with knowledge and to put you in a position for healing.


The Lord saved my life, and now I'm passing the blessing on to you! Contact me today, and find out how to get your FREE "Road-Map to Wellness."

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"My people perish for a lack of knowledge."    Hosea 4:6

Monroe Ammon Trotter