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I would like to take just a few minutes to formally introduce myself. I have had cancer myself numerous times; October 2011, I lost my bladder, prostate, appendix, 14 lymph nodes and a portion of my intestines to cancer and its surgery. I hate cancer and all other diseases and now you know why. My driving force is to help everyone; I don’t care what label you have been given for your “Diseased Condition.” I shall teach you how to use God’s Natural Remedies to combat sickness!


I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade. My first job was riding on the back of a garbage truck as a garbage collection helper. After six months of riding on the back of the truck, I quit. Next, I joined the maintenance crew of a Steel Mill Factory. I was fired for a lack of attendance. Later, I joined the United States Naval Services; the Navy spent several hundred thousands of dollars giving me the very best electronics education available, which allowed me to serve on a nuclear submarine. Later, I converted to become a Military Medic. After completing Hospital Corpsman School, I was given the opportunity to challenge the RN Board Exams for the state of Michigan.


During the Vietnam Conflict, Military Medics were known to split open the chest cavities of wounded Marines and conduct cardiac massage right there on the battle field in order to save them. Military Medics are among the most trained medical people in the world. I’m not trying to be a MD, ND, RN or anything; I am a Gospel Medical Missionary Medic!


Duke University created the first Physician’s Assistance “PA” program in the nation for those returning highly trained Naval Medics. That was why I was slightly offended when I was offered to take the RN Board Exam. I thought that being a nurse was well below my skill set! I had a similar experience with the Naturopathic ND programs as I visited their facilities.


I spent twenty (20) years in the United States Military, many of those years in the Medical Department. When my Naval Service ended, I worked in the medical department of a prison, treating thousands of inmates (residents) with traditional allopathic medicine. After six years of loving, hating and being fearful of needle sticks or responding to violent fights where HIV blood components were often present, I quit! I cheerfully closed that chapter of my life. I have been blessed with an understanding of how medicine is practiced here in America as compared with the rest of the world and I’ve been blessed with a college education as well. (Yes! No more high school drop-out stuff! Praise God!)


After prison (as an employee, thank God), in September 1997, my family and I moved from Memphis to Metro Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have always thought that there had to be another way, perhaps a way that Our Creator would approve of, in dealing with sickness, pain, suffering and dying. After much prayer, I was impressed to visit the Wildwood Hospital and Lifestyle Center in Georgia. Meeting with personnel that loved God and had developed a great deal of expertise in the field on Natural Remedies convinced me to enroll in their Lifestyle Educator & Counseling Course. I graduated in June of 1998, ready to meet the challenges of a sick world that depended upon a health care system (actually, a sick care system) that focused on corrective measures using drugs, test and surgical procedures. I had no idea that The Lord was preparing me for something far greater than anything I had experienced before! He was preparing me to be the creator of the Get Well With God Seminars & Workshops!


October 2002, my entire life changed! I received my first diagnosis of cancer! Using the knowledge obtained from my almost 30 years of education, training and experiences; The Lord directed me to contact institutions and persons of great skill in the arena of natural remedies for cancer, places such as: Dr. Max Gerson and his daughter Charlotte, the creators of The Gerson Therapy Program; Dr. George Malkmus, Creator of Hallelujah Diet Program; Dr. Lorraine Day, Creator of Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me, and many, many others. I was able to utilize portions of each. Now I must share this priceless information with everyone!


The knowledge that I obtained from Wildwood and numerous other institutions from all around the world has to be shared. I cannot keep it to myself and I know that The Lord wants me to provide this life saving information right here, right now! This is why I had to create the Get Well With God Seminars & Workshops; people are now able to become Medical Missionary Medics!


The “Get Well With God” Micro-Seminars will teach people how to position themselves and others to be Divinely Healed. During the lifetime of Jesus Christ here on earth, people walked near to Him, were brought near to Him or He walked near to them. When they met, if they had a need of healing and had sufficient faith, they were healed. The Get Well With God Micro-Seminars will use/teach The Lord’s Methods.


The twelve (12) Micro-Seminars will be a “Quick Start Boot Camp” for “Medical Missionary Medics” (God’s Special Forces). Imagine with me for just a moment. Suppose you were in a foreign place with no resources available to you and you developed a severe medical condition. Now suppose a Medical Doctor, a Nurse and a Medical Missionary Medic approached, each with a desire to help but the Good Doctor only has a prescription/referral order form, the Doctor does an outstanding physical exam, makes recommendations, but has no pharmacy or clinic to refer for follow up care; the Nurse has a stethoscope, she/he completes an outstanding examination, checks Blood Pressure, Pulse & Respiration and refers the patient to the Doctor. The Medical Missionary Medic has nothing! He/she falls to the ground, speaks to The Creator and Great Physician; gets up with dirt in one hand for a clay poultice and weeds in the other (actually herbs) and renders ten (10) times the help. That’s the power of a Real Gospel Medical Missionary Medic and that is exactly what each participant of the Get Well With God Micro-Seminars will receive. Additionally, each participant will receive FREE CDs, DVDs, notes, instructions, thoughts and ideas.

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In the “Get Well With God” Micro-Seminars, each student will master the eight (8) Natural Health Laws (Remedial Agencies) listed below:

  • Aloe Vera Usages; Breathing Technique; Cayenne Pepper

  • Charcoal Usages; Colloidal Silver Usages; Coconut Oil

  • Grounding/Earthing; Skin Brushing

  • Rebounding “Mini Trampoline”; Rest & Rebuild

  • Sunbathing/Vit D3 Uptake

  • Vegetable Vampire (Eat Your Fruit and Drink Your Vegetables)

  • Water/Hydration; Hydrotherapy Hot/Cold

  • The Foundation (Trusting in the God of Heaven)

  • Hot Foot Baths; Cabbage Wraps

  • Clay and Mud Poultices; How to Reduce Swelling

  • Oatmeal Facials, Beautifying the Face!

  • Pain Management/Relief

  • Wound Management, Most Powerful

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