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The Greatest “Wellness Coach” in the entire Universe; no, I’m not Him, but, I am His Representative. Health Coaching on the Internet now cost between $85.00 to $200.00 per hour depending upon the expertise of the provider; well, I represent the Greatest of the Greatest and I charge absolutely nothing.  I’m worth about $250.00 per hour, but I can’t charge.  This is not my Job, it’s my Ministry.


What does a man born in the 1940’s who has had cancer (7) times, has smoked four (4) packs of cigarettes per day for ten (10) years; college educated former high school dropout; survived the Bermuda Triangle in a submarine; trained at the finest Natural Remedies Training Facility in the world; treated thousands of inmates in the medical department of a prison and benefited as the Department of Defense spent over one million dollars training me.  What do I have to say about your health? A great deal! My recommendations are FREE but PRICELESS.

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