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If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, God has the answer to cancer and all other diseases.

  • Breast and lung cancer

  • Prostate and bladder cancer

  • Liver and brain cancer

  • Diabetes and high blood pressure

  • Arthritis pain and more

Time to Tell the Truth Ministries invites anyone who is dealing with the challenges of cancer or any other disease to accept help FREE of charge.


The Lord has given us this ministry, and we are pleased to offer the "Road-Map to Wellness" as a blessing to you.

Complete Cancer Recovery through Natural Remedies

Helpful guidance from a cancer survivor

My name is Monroe Ammon Trotter. I love God and I hate cancer, which has taken many members of my family, but only after they suffered through the disease and its various painful treatments.

  • My dear father

  • My dear uncle

  • My dearest brother

On October 10th, 2002, I was diagnosed with cancer, too, and not for the last time!


I have dedicated the rest of my life to providing education, information, and my firsthand experiences to anyone diagnosed with cancer or any other disease.

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After I retired from 20 years of medical service in the military, I worked for 5 years in the prison system, providing health care services. I discovered that my medical background was no help in dealing with cancer.


I then enrolled in and graduated from Georgia's Wildwood Hospital & Lifestyle Center, the finest natural remedies hospital and lifestyle center in the world. I was certified in lifestyle counseling and hydrotherapy, but had no idea the Lord was preparing me to receive from him the answer to cancer.


Under the guidance of the Lord, I communicated with specialists from all over the world, and then created my own "Road-Map to Wellness." I successfully beat my cancer, and I can do the same for you, creating a personalized "Road-Map to Wellness" for whatever condition you face.


You have nothing to lose, because it doesn't cost a penny! Contact me today!

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since 1994!


I love God and I hate cancer." Monroe A. Trotter, survivor