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Begin your quest for optimal health from the comfort of your own home! Time to Tell the Truth Ministries offers a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and information in a series of home-study correspondence courses.


The CD & DVD Course consisting of an intro and 5 modules, are presented by some of the world's leading experts and is compiled by Monroe Ammon Trotter medical missionary medic.


To order, send full name and address to: Time to Tell the Truth Ministries, PO Box 1180, Collegedale, TN 37315. Checks or money orders are accepted. Individual prices are indicated with the modules listed below. If you have questions, contact me now!

Position Yourself and Others for Divine Healing

Learn about healing herbs in Module #1

Every student must start their course with our Module #1. The knowledge you will gain about healing herbs will make you valuable to your family, friends, and the entire community!


These 10 CDs cover most medical conditions and will help you create your own "Road-Map to Wellness." Anyone may take this module, even if they do not plan to take the entire course. Cost: $85.00

Study major diseases with Module #2

Called "Back to Adam," this program will examine 100 or more protocols on all major diseases. Portions of what you learn here will help you create your personal "Road-Map to Wellness."


Get help in becoming an agent for the Lord, and direct others to His divine healing.

Cost: $75.00

Develop an understanding of the body in Module #3

Get an in-depth understanding of the body and its systems. Learn how and why natural remedies, approved by the Lord, promote healing.


This is a DVD learning experience you will never forget! Cost: $140.00

Discover more about natural healing in Module #4

Learn how food, water, and charcoal can help you combat disease and promote natural healing through the Lord.


Books on hydrotherapy, charcoal therapy, and raw juice therapy will be studied.

Cost: $50.00

Finish your missionary training with Module #5

Complete your training and prepare to become an outstanding medical missionary medic. Get vital information on colloidal silver, food-grade H202, rebounding, skin brushing, grounding or earthing, and other practices.


Cost: FREE! I cannot charge because this is my ministry and I promised God, but a free-will offering will be welcomed. Total cost of our complete training course: $350.00. Total cost of almost all other training programs: $4,000.00.


When you've successfully completed all 5 modules, you will be presented with valuable materials.

  • Diploma - certifying your accomplishment

  • Credentials - commissioning your ministry

  • Membership in the "International Association of Medical Missionary MEDICs"

  • "Road-Maps to Wellness" protocols for 30 to 40 diseases

  • Disclaimer or consent form for legal protection

  • Questionnaire or self-evaluation form for the collection of research data


My prayer is that God will richly bless and reward each of you in your quest for wellness for yourselves and for all those around you!

Proper notes take you through the process

As you work your way through the course, don't neglect to take notes on each condition discussed.


Your notes will be valuable to you on the job, and must be sent to me in order to move on to the next module. This is required if you're planning on becoming a certified medical missionary medic.

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Jesus is the Great Physician and is still healing today!

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