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When you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer or another major disease, uncertainty, fear, doubt, and worry will dominate your thinking process.


The "Road-Map to Wellness" will help you overcome your fear, and put you in a position to receive the divine healing that comes only from God.

Cure Cancer and More with the "Road-Map to Wellness"

Put your faith in divine healing

Throughout the Holy Bible, every instance of healing happens as the result of one of three situations.

  • The person in need of healing puts him/herself in proximity to the Lord, and has enough faith to receive divine healing.

  • The person is too ill to come to the Lord, so Jesus himself comes within proximity and finds sufficient faith for divine healing.

  • The person is brought close enough to the Lord and either the sick person's faith or the faith of his/her loved ones is sufficient for divine healing.

Answering the call

since 1994!


"Perfect loves casts out fear" 1 John 4:18

The "Road-Map to Wellness" from Time to Tell the Truth Ministries will offer you faith great enough to receive divine healing, too!

The miraculous workings of Dr. Johanna Budwig of Germany and Rene Caisse, RN of Canada, and their impact on cancer, will be exposed to everyone through the “Road-Map to Wellness.


Oxalic acids and Essiac tea are instrumental in positioning you to receive divine healing, which only comes from God. Mankind cannot heal!


The "Road-Map to Wellness" contains information that everyone should know.

  • There are foods that are harmful and crippling to the immune system.

  • There are foods that are beneficial in supercharging the immune system.

  • There are substances in foods that actually promote cancer growths.

God - not mankind - heals diseases the natural way

Get in touch with me and let me be your "wellness coach." You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Health is everything! You've got to read, hear, and see this information.


Remember, we are perishing from a lack of knowledge.

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